Photo by Brittney Borden

My whole life, I have admired beautiful things. From people, to logo's, to fonts, to the scenery this world gives us. In high-school, my love for graphic design & web design bloomed full scale. I now create things on a daily basis working a full time graphics job. My constant love for making things look nice is even greater.

I recently pulled web design from my resume as it was taking too much of my time thus leaving more time for me to design logos. Iconic brand recognition isn't something that happens on its own. There is a lot of hard work & time put in. I started in high-school and never stopped. Something about the challenge of continuously learning the new design trends and applications keeps me going.

Around November of 2015, I decided I should probably add photography to one of my skill sets. So I went out and bought a DSLR camera. After one year of experimentation and fun, I have made quite a few new memories and have learned tons of things along the way. Nearly one year later, I think I can call myself a pro. I shoot primarily landscape photos but I also shoot portraits, events, & some weddings on occasion.

• Logo Design
• Logo Revamps / Brand Change
• Portraits (with prints)
• Hi-Res Product Photography
• Real-Estate Interiors & Exteriors
• Outdoor Lifestyle Brand Photography
• Professionally Print Your Photos

Enjoy my work?! Help out my road to better photos by donating today! Perhaps provide assistance towards that next big gear purchase.