Photo by Brittney Borden

My whole life, I have admired beautiful things. From people, to logo's, to fonts, to the scenery this world gives us. In high-school, my love for graphic design & web design bloomed full scale. I now create things on a daily basis working a full time graphics job. My constant love for making things look nice is even greater.

Out of logo & web work, logo design is probably my strongest suite. Iconic brand recognition isn't something that happens on its own. There is a lot of hard work & time put in. I enjoy the process of working at landing on an elegant, timeless label. I started in high-school and never stopped. Same goes for web design. Something about the challenge of continuously learning the new languages keeps me going.

Around November of 2015, I decided I should probably add photography to one of my skill sets. So I went out and bought a DSLR camera. After one year of experimentation and fun, I have made quite a few new memories and have learned tons of things along the way. Nearly one year later, I think I can call myself a pro. I shoot primarily landscape photos but I also shoot portraits, events, & some weddings on occasion.

• Logo Design
• Logo Revamps / Brand Change
• Website Development
• Portraits (with prints)
• Wedding Photography (with prints)
• Hi-Res Product Photography
• Real-Estate Interiors & Exteriors
• Outdoor Lifestyle Brand Photography
• Professionally Print Your Photos

Enjoy my work?! Help out my road to better photos by donating today! Perhaps provide assistance towards that next big gear purchase.