The overall task with creating a brand is recognition. We all buy products on a daily basis but we never stop to look at the logo. However if you like the experience you have had with that product, for some reason you seem to remember that logo the next time you go out to the store and re-buy it. So, creating a recognizable logo that fits what the brand represents is key.

The design process usually starts with a brainstorm. I try not to dig too deep at this point though. Mainly because the most crucial part of any brand is research. I like to have a sit down interview/question session with my clients to establish important, need-to-know information. For example: "Who are your competitors?" and "What makes them competitive?" Also, "What is their feel/ motive and color theme?" All very important information which can give me a gauge on where the client can differentiate themselves from the pack. Then of course, running by some mock up variations to the client to land on an idea. Then tweak that idea into a polished, potential final brand.

I also specialize in rebranding, which is re-vamping an out of date logo to have a modern feel but still fit the brand.

Generally my style of logo design is clean, simple, modern & timeless. If you are in need of any logo work, please don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail to get started. Below are a couple of examples of logos I have created for companies still alive today!


Valhalla Winery formerly Domaine Meriwether, is a winery located near Veneta, Oregon. Owners, Eric and Lorrie Normann work around the clock to create delicious wines. Chardonnay, Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir & more, all available in their tasting room at the winery or on their website. We all worked together to create their new brand identity. Read more about them on their website

Doodle Room All Breed Grooming is a small dog & cat grooming company in Eugene, Oregon near River Rd. The owner, Maria is a dog enthusiast that goes above and beyond the average groomer. I also created her website.

New Reign is a rugged-weather hoodie company based in Eugene, Oregon. Sold in several stores & online. They use fabric with specifications such as Waterproof, Breathable, Four way stretch, Abrasion resistant, & Wind blocker. I also created their website.

Chi-Town Dawgz is a small hot dog company based in Eugene, Oregon. Sold out of a portable trailer cart that could be coming to a corner near you soon. Not currently up and running yet, but everything is in the works for them to be opening up shop as soon as possible.

Current is an all-weather coat company that uses battery operated heating elements to mechanically heat you up in the cold. A very cool & modern idea being implemented into coats.

230 Productions is a video production company out of Lincoln County, Oregon that publishes professional video clips for media releases in the public sector. Keep an eye out on social media or news outlets and you might see some of the work they create.