How I got my start in computer design was inspired by clean, crisp web design with sharp imagery & easy navigation. This is what I have continued to dedicate my own work to in an ongoing battle to make my websites seamless across the ever growing numbers of new devices.

By sticking to a simple, minimalistic design guideline, this makes any business welcoming and easy to understand. In other words, consumer friendly. If you need a spot on the web to show your customers a little more information about your business, contact me to get started. Below is a couple of examples of websites I have created that are up and running live right now.



New Reign is a small company in the Eugene, Oregon area that sells heavy duty hoodies which are meant for the outdoors. Working with them has pushed my personal bar of expectations to a new high. They always are talking about what is next which in return means I am always working on what is next. I have created their logo from scratch, help design the hoodie themselves, and mainly, the website. This website was the first website I have every published on a large scale. It also was the first website that included a store page that people could purchase products from. What you are seeing in their website is not what it once was. New Reign's site has undergone three major restoration projects.

This website may appear basic but it is working very hard behind the scenes. For every page you see, there are several other documents in the background telling it how to work. In this code, I used massive amounts of CSS & JavaScript as well as your basic HTML. Check out the website and view my work in action. For all you know, the hoodie also might appeal to you.



Doodle Room All Breed Grooming By Maria is a company with a great story. Maria Arsenian-Mazza is a professional dog groomer with 16 years of experience. She recently quit her day just working for a local dog grooming shop. She wanted to follow her dreams and work for herself. Working with Maria has been great! She's so agreeable and lets me take on the tasks she doesn't want to deal with. It puts added pressure on me to try to achieve what she wants, but her willingness to go with the flow has helped us both land on something great. This is her first website and it mainly consists of her contact information & story.

Like most of my websites, Doodle Room's site is coded in CSS, HTML5, & JavaScript. Fully optimized for multiple devices. It's ready to be viewed on anything from laptops, desktops, smartphones, & tablets of all shapes & sizes. Check out The Doodle Room & read more about Maria's Story. If you have some dogs or cats, send them her way!